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George Luck Puzzles – Product Review

The Bear and I love doing puzzles together, most commonly when the Little Man is napping and can’t drive her crazy by grabbing the pieces. The ones we have, we’ve had for quite a while now so she’s got a little too comfortable with them. For example she knows where all the pieces go automatically without having to really think about it. Therefore when the team from Hape got in contact to try out their George Luck Grasslands and Cat puzzles I was more than happy to give it a go and try something new together.

George Luck Puzzles - Product Review - pinable image


I immediately loved these puzzles: the colours, the wooden material and the shapes are all beautiful. I really liked the unusual style of the puzzle too with non traditional shapes and the layered structure. I thought this would force the Bear to really concentrate on what she was doing and really think about where each piece goes.

George Luck Puzzles - Product Review - grasslands puzzle

George Luck Puzzles - Product Review - Cats Puzzle

I was right!  She also loved the colours and the animals but needed a little help layering them all in – she is only just 3 afterall. However, with a little practice she had the concept nailed and was happily trying to find the next pieces.

George Luck Puzzles - Product Review - hard at play
Due to the complex nature of the puzzles though, she only managed to do them a few times before her concentration wandered and she started to get frustrated with it. I don’t mind that though, as the whole point is to challenge her and hopefully help with her cognitive development. I just need to be on hand helping and intercepting any potential tantrums!!


These are perfect for anyone looking for puzzles which are a little more complex. The colours and animals make them appealing to kids, and as a parent I just love the fact they are wooden. They are beautiful to look at while also feeling sturdy enough to last both my children and beyond. These puzzles are absolutely great for helping not only with hand-eye coorindation but also with shape (and animal!) recognition along with working on those fine motor skills. I most definately recommend and at only £8 each, they are a great price if you are looking for gift ideas.

George Luck Puzzles - Product Review - grasslands puzzle close up

DISCLOSURE: I was provided with these items in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Rebecca Greenway says:

    I love puzzles and I love wooden toys. There’s just something about wooden toys isn’t their! This puzzle does look amazing.

  2. These look so good! It’s good that she’s being challenged. X

  3. Wow this looks like such an amazing puzzle idea!

  4. These puzzles are adorable! I just may have to pick one up for my niece for Christmas!

  5. This is adorable and I kind of want some for myself haha.

  6. These look really good, especially for small hands. I love wooden puzzles too.

  7. These are amazing! I think I might need to pick them up for my niece. She is puzzle-obsessed and could definitely use the extra challenge.
    Britt |

  8. These are lovely puzzles.

  9. I loved puzzles when I was younger! And these are beautiful and unique

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