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Going Neon with the InstaGlam Dolls | AD

These were a massive hit with the Bear for their Season 1 release, and now the Shimmer N Sparkle InstaGlam dolls are back. Brighter than ever in the new Season 2 neon collection.


If you missed them first time around, these little dolls are not only cute but they hold a fabulous make up surprise.

The four original characters – Nina, Luna, Hayley, and Evie – are back, and they are now joined by two more friends: Jada and Mia. Each have their own style and look making them a really funky and fun collectable. Embedded within each doll is a different makeup colour palette.

These are fabulous for children that are a little too young for “proper” make up, but are old enough to experience and play in the world of make believe.

Make up is sometimes a controversial topic when it comes to children, but personally I think it’s a wonderful chance for little ones to explore their creativity. My two just won’t be able to come to me for tips seeing as I never wear it and most things in my make up bag is from my uni days!


Well, for one they’ve gone neon! Their hair, makeup and outfit have been given a super bright neon make over, and the colour inside the pallet has been updated to match. Containing real make up – eye shadow, lip gloss and a lip stick as well as 2 make up applicators hidden in their hair clips – it allows children to explore the world of make up in a fun way. The colours are bright, beautiful and a lot of fun to play with.

This is a really fun way for little ones to add to their make up collection, but in a really fun way centred around play. Especially as the Bear plays with the dolls as characters as much as she plays with the make up!

The secret reveal is back for season 2 which the Bear was thrilled about as this was one of her favourite bits first time round. Simply use the brushes or a wipe to wash their eyelids and lips to show the glitter beneath.


I said it first time around when we took a closer look at the Shimmer N Sparkle InstaGlam dolls, and it’s worth saying again. One of my favourite things about these dolls is that they work on 3 levels:

  • A beautiful makeup palette ready for kids to explore their inner makeup artist
  • Fun to play with as character doll, complete with poseable head.
  • When you’ve finished playing, pop the dolls back on their stand to display them until you are ready to play again.


These dolls are available to buy now from Amazon (affiliate link) as well as many high street retailers. At £9.99 I think they are very reasonably priced considering they can be played with on so many different levels.

You can also head over to the InstaGlam website to find out more about the girls, enter competitions and take the InstaGlam style quiz.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent these items for the purposes of this review. As always though, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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