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The Bear loves anything little. I don’t know why, but she loves it when things are really small. It doesn’t necessarily need to be teeny tiny, but it does have to be cute and smaller than usual. Add that to the fact that she is a COMPLETE Disney Princess, when the team from Hallmark got involved to try out their itty bittys, there was no doubt as to which range we would choose from.

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For anyone who has not come across them yet, itty bittys are Hallmark’s super soft plush toys range. Their iconic characters are super cute, super soft and super fun. Choose from Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Super Hero Girls, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Wizard of Oz, Peanuts and a wedding range.

For us, there was no doubt that we would be Disney Princesses all the way.

our itty bittys goodie box


As soon as they arrived the Bear fell in love. She’s seen every single one of these movies and the particular favourite at the moment is Tinkerbell so that was a big hit. So was the box for that matter. She has spent hours so far lining them up in the box, getting them out and putting them back to ‘bed’ in it.

itty bittys all lined up

The plushies really are super soft to touch and are immediately recognisable as their Princess counterparts. At around 10cm in height, they fit perfectly in the hand. The have a beanie feel to them so they do stand upright with a little whack to flatten the bottom first.

We also found out that by doing this, they make a great set of skittles too. Though the Bear was less than impressed when she found out that this involved knocking them down.

itty bittys close up

We have a hard time sharing in this house at the best of times but add in some Princesses and it went up to epic proportions. However, begrudgingly the Bear allowed her baby brother just one doll. Princess Aurora. Or at least she did for a little while.

Needless to say, these were a big hit with us. For a little girl who love Disney, all things small and teddies, itty bittys are the perfect addition to her toy box. From just £6, they also don’t break the bank when it comes to slowly but surely building a collection. I have no doubt she will want to add to hers over the years to come.

You can check out their website for the full range.

itty bittys in use


The team from itty bittys are giving away 2 itty bitty Disney Princesses. Snow White and Ariel could kick start the collection of one lucky Tippytupps reader. Just enter via Rafflecopter using the link below and follow the usual social media accounts.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to UK residents only, is powered by Rafflecopter and will close on Sunday 25th March 2018 at midnight. The winner will then be chosen at random using the tool. Please note that this giveaway is hosted by Tippytupps blog, but the prize will be distributed by the Hallmark PR team. For full terms and conditions for the giveaway, please visit the Tippytupps terms and conditions page.

itty bittys giveaway prize - snow white and ariel

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with these items in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

itty bittys - product review - toddler toys - toy review


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    My little girls loves Itty Bitty’s she’s collected five so far, she’d love these two for her collection.

  6. john prendergast says:

    they are so cute my niece would love them

  7. Solange says:

    Itty Bitty’s are so cute.

  8. Tracy Nixon says:

    My daughter will love these thanks!

  9. michelle o'neill says:

    i love these x

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    these are bloody adorable. I think Rosie would love these x

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    Lovely prize, many thanks

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    Aww the are so cute, my 5 year old daughter would absolutely love them xXx

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    So adorable and cute! My daughter loves Ariel so would love to win this for her. Many thanks.

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    What an amazing prize giveaway to hopefully win for my daughter

  20. These are so cute – my nieces would both love collecting them I think. They’re at just the right age

  21. Jo Carroll says:

    Love Itty Bitty’s and the great thing is you can have loads without them taking over the entire house 😉

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    Awww love these!

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    These look super cute

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    They’re very sweet and good for small hands

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    Great competition – my god daughter would love these!

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    How lovely! My daughter will love them.

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    These are so quite, l would love to win them for my grand daughters they love itty bittie’s 🙂

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    These are just super cute!

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    My two daughters love these.
    They are the perfect size to fit in a small bag or pocket, so they can always be to hand.
    There are so many different varieties. We have been collecting the Muppet ones, but would love to win these to add to the collection

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