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Wooden Trains Review – Hape Jungle Train Journey Set

AD – gifted for review. I was provided with these wooden trains in return for my honest review. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

Wooden trains review

We were recently given the opportunity to review some wooden trains from the Hape range; more specifically the Jungle Train Journey Set and the Lucky Ladybug and Friends Train. I’m a huge fan of wooden toys and try to grow out collection whenever the toddler permits it. She does however have a real love for trains so I knew immediately she would enjoy these. Added to the fact that some of her favourite animals were involved – a lion and an elephant – I was sure it was going to be a winner.


We weren’t wrong. Immediately she fell in love with the animals and demanded that the track be set up. She loves the animals and the colours and I love the quality of the toys. Very well made and sturdy enough to be both toddler proof and also baby proof. Now that Henry is on the move I know he will be making a beeline for it!

Hape train review playtime

Usually with a lot of toys she will play with them for around 30 minutes before moving onto the next thing; she is only 2 afterall. With this though it stayed together and was played with for HOURS. Even now a few weeks later, it’s been pulled out and set up every few hours and played with consistently. Apparantly the train belongs to Henry, Mummy gets the lion and the elephant tends to go everywhere with her until it’s time to be packed away again.

wooden trains up close - ladybug and friends train

On occasion this is swapped out with the ladybug but the elephant is never far away. We have discovered through trail and error (the errors on my part it seems!) the perfect train is made up of an engine, followed by the ladybug, then the lion with the elephant finishing the very colourful lineup.


Overall I am very impressed with this product. It’s bright, attractive, fun and most importantly keeps my toddler entertained for hours. It’s hardwaring and feels like it will take a lot of heavy handed play so I am confident that Henry can look forward to inheriting this once Darcie is finished with it. The fact that it is interchangable and you can continue to build on your collection to make bigger and better tracks is a great thing. This encourages real imaginative and creative play. Darcie already loves putting the track together herself and trying to make different shapes with it. Definately one I would recommend and a great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift.

The drawback? It seems making it so bright, colourful and fun attracts the lesser spotted baby brother who tries to steal your animals from the track!

Hape train review - too tempting for baby brothers!


The recommended retail price for the Jungle Train Journey Set is £30 the Lucky Ladybug and Friends Train is £8 but both are currently  included inthe Debenhams 20% off sale available online. You can also find more information on the Hape range on their website.

For me this represents good value for money as it’s something that will last and holds hours of fun. The fact you can continue to grow your collection is an added bonus. You really can take it as far as you wish to and continue to build upon what you own year on year.

Hape train review


Hape train review

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  1. These look fab, I’ve been looking for a gift for our friends daughter and this would be perfect! I love the little tunnel!

  2. What a gorgeous train set! I might have to get this for my god son for his first birthday!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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