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If there is one thing that is consistent across childhood it has to be Disney. Whether you are of the original Snow White and Cinderella era, of the new Else era or somewhere in between looking for a whole new world with Jasmine, every child is in love is Disney at some point in their childhood. My two are no different.

Disney have such an amazing range of soft toys from the classics all the way through t the more modern collections. So, when we were offered the change to take a closer look at a few of them, I knew that the Bear would be thrilled. I wasn’t wrong. We were sent characters from the classic collection, and she was ecstatic when Dumbo, Thumper from Bambi and one of the Dalmation pups arrived.


With an age range from birth, I have no doubt that any Disney lover will adore these plushies whether they are new to the world, just discovering their magic for the first time, or like the Bear they have already loved them for years. Beautifully made, these teddies are so incredibly soft you just cannot help but snuggle them.

These plushies are more than just a teddy though. The magic and simplicity of the films have been captured in their super soft fur. To hold the secrets children whisper to them in the night and to always be ready with open arms when they need a cuddle.

Now, I am very aware that I am getting incredibly soppy and carried away here, but this is what soft toys do. They are there for children. Waiting in their arms and their imaginations to take them away some where new, somewhere exciting.


I am very aware that at this point you may be thinking that they are ‘just toys’. To me though, soft toys are different. As an adult, look at the toys which you still have. The ones that have made it through the teenage years. Maybe through university, marriage, divorce, kids……more than likely there is a soft toy in there somewhere. Perhaps not something you physically own any more, but I bet there is at least one in your memory. For me, I have an old, battered dog two of my brothers found for me when I was a toddler, a little mouse gifted to me at birth and a little yellow elephant which was the first gift the youngest of my brothers bought for me (back from a Spanish holiday no less!).

That is the kind of gift I think these will be. I can imagine them being bought for unborn children and placed in nurseries to wait for the arrival of their new friends. To be given to toddlers and go on muddy adventures by day and snuggle in bed by night. Or perhaps be given to adults who – like me – look back on Disney films with a fondness which is unmatched.

Available in three sizes – 17cm, 25cm and 35cm – there is no doubt a character and size to suit everyone. Afterall. there have been so many amazing characters immortalised over the years and you can get your hands on your very own over on Amazon right now.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent these items for the purpose of this review. As usual though, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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