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Soft Cuddles with Care Bears | AD

What’s better than a birthday? Having 365 of them of course which is exactly what the Care Bear Birthday Bear gets to enjoy. Needless to say, my little Bear was thrilled when this yellow ball of fluff appeared on our doorstep for a closer look.

As a child of the 80’s, I remember being obsessed with Care Bears when I was a tiny human too and it looks like the Bear is following in her mama’s footsteps. I could not be more pleased and will happily admit to more than a few snuggles with my girl enjoying the new revamped series.

What’s more, the toys have been updated too.


Still the bears that we know and love from our childhood, the new series of Care Bears still has the feel of an 80’s bear, but with a new modern edge to their look to bring them up to date.

Grumpy Bear, Cheers Bear, Funshine Bear, Wish-a-Lot Bear, Good Luck Bear and Tenderheart Bear are still available to buy, and now Birthday Bear has joined the Care Bear family.

This 16″ bear is soft, squishy and comes with a delicious vanilla cupcake frosting smell. It is also a fabulous addition and a lovely soft ball of sunshine that Darcie instantly fell in love with.


What’s new about Care Bears though, is that they now come with a collectable care coin. Darcie was thrilled when she saw it, and it sparked a lovely conversation about kindness and caring.

The idea is simple in that it comes with a prompt – in our case telling someone they inspire you. These are little acts of kindness that can really make a big difference to someone’s day.

It’s such a cute keepsake to serve as a kindness reminder. Something I seem to be pulling out as a reminder on a regular basis each time she fights with her brother!

Available to buy now from Amazon, this is a lovely nostalgic addition to any little one’s cuddly toy collection.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent our Birthday Bear for the purposes of this review, As always though, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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