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The Bellies from Bellyville (AD)

It sounds random right? It’s not though, it’s a new doll and we’ve been asked to take a closer look. And do you know what? The Bear could not have been more thrilled! It’s no secret that she loves dolls, as in LOVES them. So when this opportunity came up, I knew that she would be happy to oblige. I wasn’t wrong.

The Bear and her Bellies

What is a Bellies Doll?

Born in Bellyville, each of the four Bellie babies available come with their own personality. First of all, there’s Yumi-Yummy who is the greediest. Then there’s Bobby-Boo who is the funniest and Muak-Muak who is the most loving one. Finally, there is Pinky-Twink the naughtiest one and the one that we were sent. Probably fitting really!! Each one comes with their own magnetic dummy, bottle and blanket.

A doll, a bottle, a dummy and a blanket are all included

First up you take their plasters off to hear their heartbeat. From there they start to babble in their own little language which Darcie thought was adorable. Luckily for mummy though there is an on-off switch which is very easy to locate and use!

She loved the cute little birthmark which can be found on its butt and there’s a little surprise hiding in their nappies which both kids thought was hilarious. What is it with kids and poo??

A Bellies poo!

Luckily for us there is a poopypedia included in the pack which tells us what’s wrong with out Bellies and what it is they need. In our case it was poor Pinky-Twink has too much milk and needs water and cuddles. Finally, some sparkling medicine from the emergency belly-kit which is also available to purchase puts them back on track.

The poopedia

What we thought

As you can probably guess Darcie loved her Bellies baby. So much so that she even came overseas with us and kept her company on a family holiday. When asked what her favourite part was, her answer is that “she is so cute”! Cuteness of course being her favourite thing at the moment. She loves swapping between the bottle and the dummy to make sure her Pinky-Twink has everything that she needs.

Overall – if you haven’t guessed already – the Bellies baby has been a great hit in our house. Both cute and interactive, these are great fun for little ones. Bellies are available to buy now on Amazon.

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We were provided with the Bellies doll in return for our honest review. As always though, all thoughts and opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the posts which make this blog possible.

Born in Bellyville each of the four Bellies babies available come with their own personality. Both cute and interactive these are great fun for little ones.

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