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The Smoby Black and Decker Workbench | AD

We are big fans of role play in our house as my two just love to make believe. Their kitchen has been one of their favourite toys for the past 4 years and does not look like I will be able to pass it on any time soon.

So, I new that any addition to their role play toy world would go down a treat. I was not wrong.

The Smoby Black and Decker Workbench

Smoby are at the top of their game when it comes to role play toys. They really embody a lot of the things that little ones love about play, which is being just like mum and dad. The Black and Decker workbench is no different and is brilliant. The attention to detail is fabulous and I have a little boy that feels like a real builder when he plays with it.

Hubby was originally a mechanic before he flipped to the white-collar side of the automotive trade. That means we still have about a thousand tools in our garage and there is always a car on the drive that he is tinkering around with. This workbench lets Henry feel just like Daddy, and he has already been out to fix my car.

At 103cm tall it’s a comfortable size for both my children at 4 and 6 years old and I can see while they are playing, they have plenty of room for it to grow with them too. There is a massive number of accessories in this set: 82 of them! That includes 7 tools, 20 screws, 18 nuts, 6 nails, construction planks, a mechanical ruler, and a vice. The Bears favourite aspect was the ruler and she loved measuring everything she could get her hands on. Henry on the other hand, was all about the drill.

And, let’s talk about that drill. It is brilliant! I love that it’s not battery operated (for a change!) but it works so well, with a reversable option which lets little ones tighten and loosen screws. Perfect for using to constructing the vehicles using the instruction cards included with the workbench. This was such a lovely addition to the toy and really gives children something to follow and build, opening this up to develop so many more skills.

What we thought

This is fabulous workbench that I have no doubt children will love. If you are still on the look out for that big Christmas gift, then consider whether your little one would love a little construction fun on Christmas morning.

Attention to detail was amazing and really brings this toy to life. It helps that Daddy has a few Black and Decker tools that Henry was able to mimic. The Black and Decker workbench is available right now from Argos.

DISCLOUSURE: we were sent the Smoby Black and Decker Workbench for the purposes of this review. As always though, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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