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5 Reasons to support your village fete

It’s been a wonderful summer and one that we’ve filled with a mixture of holidays, weekends away, festivals and local community fetes. We’ve not managed to get along to as many local events as we would usually try to attend, but that’s just because we’ve just been so busy. However, we’ve made a real effort to attend at least a few.

Our most recent was on Bank Holiday Monday when we popped along to the Whittington Village Fete. Rather than telling you what we go up to, this time I thought I would simply show you and share my reasons why I think you too should go along to your local village fete.


This one is self-explanatory really. Local community events can only continue if people are willing to support it. This is from both sides of the stalls as well. Not only does your local fete need to you come along as visitors with a pocketful of change to support the event, but there is also an enormous team usually involved in these things, both in organising it and on the day.

I know we chatted to some amazing volunteers on the day which I have no doubt helped to make the day the success it was. The most notible of which were the ladies who helped Darcie make her poppy to celebrate the 100th year since the end of the war.

The simple fact is that if people don’t get involved, then these kinds of local events will simply disappear.


There are so many benefits to getting outside and getting involved in local events that it could make up an entire series of posts. So, I’ll keep it brief. If you live alone it’s a great way to get outside and meet new people. Perhaps you are a non-native English speaker? If so then it’s a great way to get out and practice. If you live in a multi-cultural area, then it’s a great way to get outside and experience the differences. Finally, if there is fundraising going on, then it’s a great way to influence and support changes in your local area.

I could go on and on, but the reality is, getting outside and getting involved beats sitting at home in front of the TV.


Now, when you think of the economy then you most likely thing of Westminster and the endless Brexit debates. However, we all have a local economy too and with the surge in online commerce, it’s an economy which may be struggling. Your local village fete is a fantastic opportunity for those local businesses to reach out to their community and show them what it is that they have to offer.

As the world becomes more environmentally aware and starts to care more about things such as airmiles and sustainability, a local fete or market is a fantastic way to meet the people behind products and services. Having a conversation with a real person face to face goes a long way to understanding exactly what it is you are buying, and what is means to that person. In short, you get to know the people behind the products.


Every community is unique. It has its own style and its own voice and that is down to the people within it. That means you and me.

The events that your local community put on should be a reflection of the people within it. The residents and their interests, the local businesses as well as the history, heritage and local attractions of your area. That could be fetes, rally‚Äôs or markets. Whatever it is, it should make local people want to go and be a reflection of your local community voice. If it doesn’t, then tell them!


For this last one, let’s just keep it simple. A local village fete is a lovely day out and located right on your doorstep. Simple as……

Steeped in tradition, there are usually demonstrations, re-enactments, parades, displays and 101 things to get involved in. If you have little people like we do, then they will usually have to best time. However, they will also most likely fleece you for whatever money you have in your pocket to spend on tat and fairground rides, so make sure you stick to a budget and take a picnic to keep the cost down!

As for our most recent fete at Whittington, there were games, face painting, rides, crafts, food and drink. There were local stalls, a brass band, entertainers and the most stunning poppy display as celebration 100 years since the end of WW1.

It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a Bank Holiday Monday. I would recommend that if you don’t already, next year make sure you go out and support your local fete too.

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