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Christmas at Attingham

Yes I know Christmas is over but the good thing about this blog being my little corner of the internet is that I can use it to capture our memories no matter what the time of year it is.

Just before Christmas we headed out to Attingham Park for a little family time before the chaos arrived.


First up, we headed straight out into the grounds. One of the things we love about Attingham, is the space. For two little humans who aren’t impressed about being confined to the car for an extended period of time, being able to stretch their legs as soon as we arrive has serious brownie points.

For this Christmas they had a lovely Wind in the Willows theme going on. First up, we headed down to the walled garden on a weasel hunt. These were adorable and the kids loved tracking them down and found the one called Willie nothing short of hillarious.

From there the cottage was set up with some of our favourite Wind in the Willows characters in Badgers house. This was completely immersive and utterly adorable.

From here we wandered back to head into the house.


Inside the house it wasn’t a millions miles away from the Christmas off at Chirk Castle’s. Brimmed to the top with stunning trees, though instead of the pantomime trees of Chirk, we have trees that are filled with nature.

A huge amount of the house is open to the public, depsite it being winter. Upstairs is a great space to explore and learn more about Attingham and its history. Downstairs is where it’s all going on though. Each room is dressed to impress with the most stunning trees, all with their very own nature theme. The Bear loved the seaside themed tree whereas Henry no doubt loved the trains!

For me though, I loved the paper butterflies cascading across the tree in the library. The attention to detail was nothing short of amazing. The staff and volunteers must have been working on it since the summer!

It’s too late for anyone else to head out and enjoy their Christmas offer this time around (so sorry for not posting sooner!) but we will certainly be back again next year to see where they go from here.

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