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Camping With Kids – Survival Guide

If you follow me over on Instagram then you will know that we’ve just had a wonderful weekend away camping….ok I admit. It was actually ‘glamping’ in a pod but it still counts right?! Especially as it was literally just a room so we still had to take all our own things to put it in. The reason being that it was the first time we were heading out with both kids (2 under 3) and we wanted to use it as a trial run. The good news is that camping with them was a great success so I wanted to share my 5 top tips for surving a weekend away camping with kids!!



With kids there needs a be a litte more thought in advance of where you’re going camping. All is well if the weather is great but what do you do if it’s raining? Entertaining a toddler all day in a pod or a tent is not quite the same as an adult who can have a quiet day curled up with a book.

Have a look at the local area before booking, are there plenty of things to do outside when it’s clear but also a few rainy day activities? They don’t have to be big days out, but even just some soft play areas or a swimming pool will be enough to burn off some energy and get them out.

camping with kids - soft play

We did ok with the weather with one very wet day where we chilled with some movies, visited a soft play and headed out to a swimming pool on our sister site. The second day – although still overcast – was dry so we headed out to the beach which both kids LOVED! The Bear spent the whole day running around and digging with her new spade. The Little Man on the other hand did what he could to smoosh as much sand as possible all over his body and in his mouth. Goes to show that for kids, there is nothing better than an open, sandy beach!

camping with kids - fun at the beach

TAKE BABY WIPES (and a lot of them!)

Yes I know we have a baby and therefore wipes are a given, but genuninely baby wipes are the swiss army knife to mums. Dirty bumps, faces and bodies = baby wipes. Quick wipes down of things while preparing food = baby wipes. You child decides to launch their snack across the room = baby wipes. Feeling a bit hot and sticky = baby wipes. You get the idea!

We took WaterWipes away with us as they contain just two ingredients: 99.9% purified water and 0.1% fruit extract, meaning they are as gentle as cotton wool and water, but far more convenient. This makes them perfect for just about anything while camping as you don’t need to worry about everything smelling of baby!

camping with kids - WaterWipes

You can get your own from Boots, Amazon and all major supermarkets. Personalised Camping Enamel Mug available from Jack Spratt Baby.


We had be blessed with some great weather in the weeks leading up to the weekend but unfortunately the weather turned on Friday and it was decidedly cooler over the few days we were away. This is where layers are key while camping! Dresses that you can add leggings and cardigans to and long sleeved vests. Blankets to layer up at night if you are chilly and thick bed socks can all help to keep you warm.

camping with kids - Heat Holders

Our Heat Holders Snuggle Up blanket and thermal socks were an absolute blessing for this reason, and helped to keep up super snuggly! I even took my new Heat Holder gloves with me ‘just in case’ but luckily it never quite got that cold! Not pictured are hubbys new Superman Slipper Socks which are fab and just as snuggly as mine!

camping with kids - Heat Holders


If you have young children, the likelihood is they will get more tired when you’re away with all the excitement and activities compared to at home. The Bear is 2 years old and the Little Man turns 1 in a few weeks. This means that at home when we are out and about she will walk while he is in a pram. When away, with the amount of walking we do, this is too much for a 2 year old. This is where our YippieYo came into it’s own.

camping with kids - yippieyo

Perfect for sandy and rocky beaches as well as around town, on grass and off road. The YippieYo for us is not only somewhere that the Little Man can be comfortably transported, but it’s also somewhere for the Bear to sit and snuggle up when she gets tired. Something she did more than once across the weekend. I lost count of the amount of times we saw them snuggled up cuddling and holding hands across the weekend – too cute!

camping with kids - yippieyo

Obviously not everyone has a YippieYo to hand, but think about how you expect to get around with your children. Are they young? Perhaps it’s time to dust off the buggy, the sling or a carrier for when they get tired.


We planned for this trip more than we have with any other. Most times as a couple you can make do or improvise. Add toddlers into the mix and its a different story, therefore making sure you pack the right teddies, toys, snacks (and clothes in my pink obsessed daughers case) can mean the difference between a nice weekend and wrestling with a hangry child in the midst of a temper tantrum.

We therefore thought about all the categories and listed with we needed:


And that’s it, a lovely weekend had by all! A few lessons were learnt – like the fact that I didn’t pack enough towels, didn’t pack any pillows at all and our blow up bed has a puncture so we need a new one but as a dry run it was perfect. So much so that we’re already planning another trip next month, this time under canvas in a tent!!

What about you?? Anything I missed that you would recommend? Comment below and I’ll add it in !

DISCLOSURE: I was provided with some of these items in return for my honest review. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

This post may also include affiliate links. This has no effect on you but means that should you purchase an item under an affiliate program, I may earn a small commission.


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  1. That YippieYo looks awesome! #HumpDayLinky

  2. I’d love to give glamping a go with my two and the yippieyo looks like a great step up from the buggy. #humpdaylinky

  3. I love this post so much, we can’t wait to take our YippieYo to the beach!

  4. This is such a handy post, I usually over pack and then find I’ve forgotten the more important things……like nappies haha. Very useful post and thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst please do pop by again!

  5. Great tips. I used to love camping as a kid, in fact they were the onky holidays we ever had, but the one and only time I took my kids it was a full week of heavy wind and rain and the baby got poorly and cried all night every night. Maybe a pod would be more our style!

  6. Some great tips here! The YippieYo looks fab! My girls would love being wheeled round in one of Jose! #HumpDayLinky

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