3 Tips For Capturing Unforgettable Family Moments

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Photo by Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash

Ask anyone who ever brought a child into their family and the will agree, time never stands still. One day you are in awe of a little one who manages to hold her head up for the first time. Then you blink and you are taking them to pre-school. This is why parents are never far away from their mobile phone camera. We learn early on to watch for special moments and we soon develop an eye for them. They are priceless.


Your mobile phone is wonderful when you only have a second to grab that pic. But some days are planned, giving you time to prepare for what will inevitably come. Holidays, family reunions, graduations, anniversaries, dance recitals, and many other activities that you know are coming up, all you time to prepare. When you are preparing for these days, make sure you have a quality camera to take photographs with.

In this post, we will give you three tips on how to get those special moments.


When you are at the event, partner up with other parents that are grabbing their special moments too. Agree to share your photos with them if they will return the favour.  The great thing about getting together in a group like this, is there will be unexpected moments when your child didn’t know they were in the shot. The times when the kids were just being kids. These unexpected photos are usually the ones you love the most because they capture the true personality of your child.

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash


No, we are not talking about a backdrop that looks cheesy like a school year photo. Set-up backdrops like you will find at Denny Manufacturing add depth to your photographs. They look natural. Backdrops of rustic bricks or natural scenes. Get photos in front of a beautiful city or a flower garden. Anything from abstract to grunge can make your photo pop.

To make the backdrops even more real place props, chairs, baskets, sports equipment or whatever fits the scene in front of it. Also, don’t pose people. Just let them do what they do. The photos you will get with the backdrop behind them and kids in front of it playing, laughing, or even sleeping in a chair are the kind of photographs that you will never forget.

Photo by Neal Kharawala on Unsplash


You are an adult. You see your child’s life from the perspective and adult, usually looking down. But, have you ever got down on the ground to see life from their level?  Have you ever tried to see what two toddlers see when they are playing? This is a way to get a unique picture. Get down low and get the picture head on. Take pictures of the family from behind. See them standing in the sunset. Catch their excitement with they see a wave crash into the beach. What do you look like from their perspective? Have your partner get on the floor and take a picture of you from the angle that your child sees every day.

Taking photographs is a great way to freeze the moment. Knowing when the moment has arrived takes some practice. But all along the way as you learn to take good pictures, you are saving memories. One day you and your family will look back and laugh. What a great way to share life.

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