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Book Review – Final Girls by Riley Sager

I came across this book through a few other blogs first with the Introverted Book Nerd and then again with the Boston Book Reader and loved the sound of it. A quick search revealed it was on sale so I ordered it immediately. I was in the middle of another book at the time but was itching to get started. I don’t know why but something really appealed to me about Final Girls. And seeing as it’s been a while since I read a good thriller (one of my favourite genres), I couldn’t wait to get started.

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The media calls them the Final Girls – Quincy, Sam, Lisa – the infamous group that no one wants to be part of. The sole survivors of three separate killing sprees, they are linked by their shared trauma.


But when Lisa dies in mysterious circumstances and Sam shows up unannounced on her doorstep, Quincy must admit that she doesn’t really know anything about the other Final Girls. Can she trust them? Or…


All Quincy knows is one thing: she is next.


I loved this book and in the end just couldn’t put it down; much to my husbands frustration! It’s been a while since I even attempted to read bits of a book around the children but this one had me so entralled I really wanted to know how it ended.

Quincy is a Final Girl who almost 10 years before, managed to survive a horrific night. However, she has put all of that firmly behind her as she moved on with her life and created a new one for herself. A normal one. Unfortunately though that normal life all starts to unravel as further to Lisa’s death, Sam – the only other remaining Final Girl – turns up at Quinceys door. Slowly the seams of her new life slowly unravel and Quincey is left not only fighting to hold it together, but she also starts to take a look back to try and inderstand exactly what happened that night.

I liked Quincy from the beginning and loved the early signs that below the ‘normal’ facade, all is not right with her. As despite her being admant she has moved on, that is clearly not the case. As the story unravels I made so many attempts to figure out what the twist was as the book leads you down one path, and then another, and then another. This is what kept me turning page after page after page and I tried to figure out exactly what happened that night and what it means for Quincy. The twist when it did come though, I just did not see coming.

Final Girls


5/5 – I loved this book. It’s not very often I give a book 5/5 but I loved the characters and their flawed nature, I loved how the action slowly unfolds and how Quincys behaviour escalates as her world starts to unravel. I loved how the twist keeps you guessing right up until the end and the truth is finally revealed.

Final Girls is currently available on Amazon

My ratings explained:

5/5 – a geat book…go out and read it NOW.

4/5 – a really good book…definately worth a download.

3/5 – a good solid read…not amazing but worth a read if the blurb tickles your fancy.

2/5 – mmm…not the best but not horrendous either.

1/5 – yeah…I’d give this one a miss.

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  1. I love the sounds of this! I like a good thriller. Have to pick this up soon! Great review

  2. I’ve seen a few reviews of this now, sounds sooooo good!

  3. Great review’ I’m happy you liked it! It’s one of my favorites from this year!

  4. I saw this in Tesco and was going to buy it yesterday! I went with another Thriller instead, but I’m definitely going to need to pick this one up. It looks interesting. Great review!!

  5. Ahh so glad you loved the book! Great review 🙂

    Sarah |

  6. It’s so great our community inspired you to pick up the book!

  7. I have seen this one come up a few times and each time it catches my attention all over again – that’s gotta mean something, right?
    Britt |

  8. I am so happy you loved this one!! You gotta check out Riley’s other book soon now 😉 wonderful review!!

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