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We have three different types of eaters in our house: adults (obviously) a baby and a fussy toddler. Therefore finding meals which we can all eat can be a bit of a pain. Henry eats most things but recently prefers to be spoon feed, it’s like he’s figured out that food off the spoon gets to his tummy quicker! Darcie will eat things like chilli, spaghetti bolonaise and chips at any time of the day, but trying to get vegetables into her presents a bit of a challenge.

Therefore one thing I always have a batch of in reserve is a good old fashioned Chicken Stew. It’s healthy and slimming world friendly for me, Henry loves it and Darcie will eat it as long as she can’t see too many organge bits (carrots) as it looks like potato! So I always match up a big batch to freeze plenty of spare portions and everytime I get low, I just replace it with another big batch. The best thing about it? The fact it is a one pot, easy to cook recipe that can feed everyone in the house!

Chicken Stew - ready to serve

Chicken Stew - recipe card

This recipes does around 14 toddler / baby portions (my baby eats as much as my toddler!) so is perfect for cooking for dinner – 2 adult and 2 child portions – and then freeze about another 8-10 child portions ready to pulling out for lunches and dinner whenever you need them. Please note though if you are ever feeding my kids…..the toddlers MUST be served in a pink bowl AND pink spoon, failure to do so will result in it being rejected.

I personally use normal vegetable stock as I don’t add anything extra salt-wise and it makes it a little more flavoursome for the grown ups! Although there is around 4g of salt in the entire thing, this dilutes down so much for the baby portion that it works out as a little under 0.2g of salt per portion. If this is still a little high for you though, you can get low salt alternatives.

And that’s is. Super easy but super healthy too, I find this great for sneaking veggies into unsuspecting toddlers!! Variations include omitting the chicken for a vegetarian / vegan alternative and adding in any extra root vegetable which you may have in the kitchen which needs to be used.

And what did the kids think of it?? Well, judge for yourselves!

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  1. I never think to do a chicken stew, ours are always beef! Will be trying this out (you can’t beat stew for a nice warming meal on a wet day!!)

  2. I love chicken stew and one pot meals that can be batch cooked and frozen. Will definitely give this one a try! #HumpDayLinky

  3. I will have to try this out. We have the tiniest freezer so can’t really batch cook, but my boys have a healthy appetite so not sure much would be left over. Love the way you’ve set up the recipe and images, so easy to follow. xx

  4. A great healthy idea xx

  5. Chicken casserole’s are my favourite comfort dinner. Cant beat them!!

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