Creating their own little world – children’s bedroom ideas

Your little one’s bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep. It’s a place to imagine, a place to dream, to have adventures, to study, to play and of course somewhere to store all their favourite possessions, toys and books. Not forgetting their wardrobe – they have more clothes than you do, right?

So, when it comes to creating the best bedroom space for your little one, it can be tricky knowing where to begin. Here you’ll find a few ideas and a little inspiration of how you can transform your child’s bedroom into the space you’ve both always wanted.


Remember, as much as you’re in charge of the paint roller and the manpower, this room is your child’s space, so you need to make it personal to them. But be careful of phases; coating a wall with wallpaper that sports a cartoon character that’s the current flavour of the month is basically a change waiting to happen. Make a room personal and unique to them with little touches of their
personality instead. Got some great photographs of them at the beach with a friend or family member? Get them printed and framed on their wall. Click here for ways to bring your photos to life.


Choosing a colour scheme is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the room and it ensures that any furniture or accessories fit well. Get your little one involved and let them choose from a range of colours that you’ve shortlisted. Letting them have some control will make the room feel even more special to them.

If you’re going down the wallpaper route, again you can let them choose from a selection and then you can decide whether or not this will be on each wall or used to create a feature wall. Carpet is another way to add a touch of colour. Although be wary of paler shades of cream or pastels! Spillages will and can happen!


Once you have the colours and the “shell” sorted, it’s time to look at the furniture. Once you know how much space you’ve got, you need to focus on something that will be functional as well as fun. A plain and simple single bed can grow with them. But a princess themed, or a racing car shaped bed won’t last forever. Even though it’ll be an amazing treat!

Whatever you choose, always go for neutral coloured furniture as this tends to go with every colour scheme, and – should your child want a more dramatic change when they’re older, it’s easily changeable.


When you have kids, their endless toys, books and bits and bobs can get out of hand easily. So, get yourself some storage boxes! They could be clear, making them easy to see the contents, or patterned and themed which perfectly hides the mess and chaos inside – both have their merits!

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  1. When we moved to this house we let J decorate her own room. She picked purple and white.

  2. These are all great tips and ideas!

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