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The Fast Lane by Sharon M Peterson

AD | book tour – I really loved the sound of The Fast Lane by Sharon M Peterson when I read the blurb: love and adventure on a road trip…what’s not to love?! So, when the opportunity came up to hop on the blog tour, I enthusiastically said yes! Here’s what I thought. THE BLURB […]


AD | Book Tour – it’s no secret that my kids are book worms too, just like their mama which means that we were all so excited to hop on the UK book tour of Meli & Mac: Rendez-Vous with a Flamingo. That included me when I had a flick through and saw how beautiful […]

The Bridal Party by Maria Frankland

AD | book tour – with a hen do coming up in June, I read the blurb for The Bridal Party by Maria Frankland and knew that I wanted a spot on the book tour. Murder, mystery and drama all set in a Dublin backdrop and I knew I was in for a treat. Here’s […]

Bloodlust Blues by Luanne Bennett

AD | book tour – vampires, shifters and all things supernatural? Needless to say I was enthusiastically jumping up and down waving my hands in the air to hop on the book tour for Bloodlust Blues by Luanne Bennett and I am pleased to say that it did not dissapoint!

Heir to Dreams and Darkness by Ben Alderson | book tour

AD | book tour – there was never a doubt that I would be jumping on the final installment of the Court of Broken Bonds trilogy and the third and final book in the series – Heir to Dreams and Darkness – did not dissapoint. Need to catch up first then take a look at […]

The Garden Party by Wendy Clarke | book tour

AD | book tour – I love a good thriller so when I was invited on the book tour for Wendy Clarke’s new book, The Garden Party, it sounded right up my street so I was more than happy to get involved. This is what I thought.

Beyond Beige by Sylvie Boulay

AD | book tour – as someone who has a day job in the care sector especially for those people who are 50 and above, I was really interested in the premise of Beyond Beige which describes itself as sharing the undeniable truth of of growing old. I was worried that it would be a […]

Her Daughter by Jen Craven

AD | book tour – a second book review in as many days! This time I was taken on an exploration of family dynamics, long-term friendships, and secrets and damage that those secrets and lies can do with Jen Craven’s new book Her Daughter which was released last week on March 1st.

It All Started With A Lie by Denise Brown

AD | book tour – this post starts a bit of a month long rush of book tours. I over committed a little to reviewing a books with PR’s not realising that they ALL fell in March. What it does mean though is that I’ve had a BRILLIANT February reading some pretty great books and […]




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