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  • It may have been cold but the sun has made an appearance this weekend and we've taken full advantage! Sand, water and outdoor family fun at the Ice Cream Farm (my kind of farm). How has your weekend been?
  • Over on the blog today is the #freepattern to make this cute little chevron blanket (link in bio). It's so easy to make even beginners will have no issues making it up and once it's done, it's so effective.
  • This week's #ordinarymoments post is up on the blog (link in bio). It was back to routine last week. A week filled with school, playdates, ballet, tap and swimming lessons. We did manage to squeeze in a little adventure though.
  • It's been an odd week. We're back into the swing of things now and it's been a week filled with dance lessons, school, swimming and birthday parties.

However, it's also been a really bad week for a handful of my friends who have had some awful news. The kind of news that changes their whole life. The kind of news that leaves you feeling pretty useless because there is only so much you can do to help.

So, if you've not heard from a friend this week, just drop them a line to say hi and let them know you're thinking of them. You never know what they could be silently going through.

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