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  • If you'd have told me a few months ago the highlight of our day would have been a walk to the post box then I'd have probably have laughed. What times we're living in eh?

We picked these treasures on our way home and swipe for a little look at what the Bear made with them. It's at times like this that I'm so happy my children inherited my love of crafts!!
  • Today we headed outside for the first time in a week. We're incredibly lucky to live in a rural village so we have an abundance of green spaces just outside our front door.

The kids took their bikes and scooters and I took my camera. With the sun shining it was exactly what this mama needed. Happy Friday everyone!!
  • Feeling thankful. The sun has been shining making the back garden a mini oasis.

That's not all though, as hubby started his furlough leave today. While we're a little wobbly on what the future will hold financially if this goes on too long, I'm relieved to have all my bears happy and healthy under one roof.

Sending love to front line key workers who are risking their health to keep this country going at the moment.
  • It may not have been the day we planned, but it was full of love which is all I need.

Happy Mother's Day all. And a special shout out to our mummies who are nothing short of amazing. We may not have been able to spend the day with you but you were in our hearts xx

Ps. I'm lucky enough to live rural and this was taken across the road from my house. In fact, you can just see our home in the top left corner of the distancing compliant fun 😉

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