Welcome! So this is me, the face behind Tippytupps. My real name is Vicki and this is my little corner of the internet which follows my family – myself, my husband, our two gorgeous kids and our big fat white cat – and the daily chaos of which makes up our lives.

My background is in HR and with over a decade of experience in generalist HR, recruitment and then HRIS specialisms before then moving onto project management, change management and communications. I have a very long professional career history. This professionalism – along with an organised nature – came with me as I moved away from HR and moved into the world of freelance writing, photography and digital marketing.

I have been blogging alongside my freelance writing and photography career since January 2017.

A parenting and lifestyle blog, Tippytupps follows a little of everything in my life. I’m a mummy to two beautiful children, a wife to a wonderful husband, a crafty queen who can usually be found with a camera in my hand.

Darcie (the Bear) joined our little family first in September 2014. She is a little firecraker who knows her own mind and has no issue with asserting her dominance in our family. A walking contradiction she is shy but assertive, quiet with a quick temper, serious but equally hilarious at times. All sweetness and light but fiesty! She is my little mini me and one of my best friends already.

Henry – our Little Man – joined us and completed our family in July 2016. He is a little character that has us in histerics on a daily basis. Easy with his smiles, he’s already a boistrous boy that loves to climb things and give his mama (even more) grey hairs. He loves nothing more than creating noise and exploring!

Finally we have our Papa Bear and rock. Mr Tippytupps is Alexander: car mad, he works in the automotive trade by day and is an awesome daddy by night. We cram as much into our time together as a family as we can. Spending time together, exploring our local area and basically connecting as a little unit of four.

Tippytupps follows our lives: where we go, what we do, the products we love and the things we make. I try my best to mix tales of our lives with practical tips and advice to survive the day with tiny humans in tow.

Photography is a huge passion of mine, so what you will find in Tippytupps, is a blog which is full of colour as that’s how we live our lives. Feel free to get in touch if you think it would be good for us to work together.