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  • Why hey there Instagram, it's been a long time!! Life has been rolling on though and it's been a big week for  these two. .
Not only was it their school summer fayre at the weekend (after which Papa Bear and I headed out to see Paul Weller!) but as the Bears year at preschool draws to a close, preparations are underway for her starting reception in September and the little man following in her footsteps into the nursery class at school. I can't believe how quickly it's all gone! .
As for me, I've been lost in a world of routine where I haven't stopped but nothing exciting has particularly happened! Do you ever have weeks like that?
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  • One door shuts and another opens..... This week has been an interesting one filled with potential. Everything crossed that a few opportunities come to something!
In other news we all seem to be back to full health, even if we have been left with a few challenging behaviours !! Fingers crossed it lasts. The good health that is, not the tantrums!
  • My favourite photography topic: Papa Bear and his baby bears 😍
I thought I was lucky when I found my soul mate and best friend. Then we had children and I knew I struck gold by the kind of daddy that he became. .
The kind of daddy that gets down  on their level, that listens to them, drys their tears and chases their fears away. That plays with them and engages. These are the memories that will outlast any gift. .
Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there. Especially my own 😍 (swipe right). Biological, step, surrogate, stand in and even the fur daddy. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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