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  • Last night I went along to a @twigtwisters willow workshop and - among other things - made this simple willow wreath.

I've now raided the Christmas tree (which now has a little bald spot around the back!) and have this rather fabulous wreath. Swipe right to see if pride of place on our door!! It was actually really easy to make but it looks really effective.
  • I've never wanted to be more wrong about something in my life. Only time will tell though.

Life goes on though and today is Christmas jumper day and the kids have Christmas dinner at school. I'm insanely jealous!!
  • And that's a wrap! These two have had 4 Christmas concerts in  2 days between them and in the background I've been bouncing from place to place to get them where they need to be on time. Phew!

They were bloody brilliant though, both of them. Her as a Christmas gift and him as a Shepard in the nativity. I could not be more proud.

Now that's done though, hopefully normal service can now resume!!! In other news it's now less than 2 weeks until the big day. Eek!
  • Oh hey there social media!! I took the last week or so off as to be honest, everywhere I turned online I just saw the same crap ifykim. So, I took a little time off to spend with my clan and think about what I want this little online space of mine to be in 2020.

However it's now my favourite season and Christmas it's well and truly on its way for us!!

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