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  • My little pumpkins ❤️❤️❤️
Visiting the pumpkin patch has become a yearly tradition for us now and we're already planning what we will carve into ours. Who else goes to pick their own?
  • Someone is delighted with his hedgehog cupcake made at preschool this morning ❤️ He scoffed the chocolate off the top in record time, and very kindly offered me the soggy left overs. 
It's been a long old week as the kids are full of cold but thankfully the weekend has arrived!
  • AD | press trip - I've you've been keeping an eye on my stories you will have noticed I've just spend a great weekend away with some fellow bloggers exploring Hull, and do you know what. It's was amazing. Smashed my expectations out of the park.
There will be plenty of details and posts over on the blog to follow, but in the meantime a big thank you to @visithulluk for hosting. You have an amazing city.
  • AD | press trip - how do you make a Saturday afternoon even better? Add gin of course! .

I'm away with a group of fabulous bloggers in Hull to explore and experience everything this fabulous city has to offer. This afternoon we're at @hullginschool designing and distilling our very own gin! This is going to be a Tippytupps and @champagneandpetals original collaboration and I can't writ to try it! #BlogOnVisits

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