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  • AD | with the new school year just around the corner, we were asked to put new on-the-go drinkware brand, @Kambukka to the test. And test it we did, taking it with us to brave the mud at @justsofestival last weekend. .
First up, the kids LOVED the designs - mermaids for her and dinosaurs for him of course - but their range is big, bright and beautiful!! My kids are really tough with bottles and drink a lot so we seem to go through them quickly, but the Kambukka are100% leak-proof. I also loved that the lid locked the straw away which was perfect for a weekend that was filled with mud, mud and more mud. .
They were dropped, thrown, launched in bags and down hills all weekend and they still worked great and looked fabulous. What's more, they're made with a Tritan body, the bottle doesn’t stain or retain odours. Easy to clean by hand (even at a campsite tap!), or they're also dishwasher friendly. Win win all round!!
  • Ad - press trip | It's our third day at @justsofestival and we're all having a blast. Day one was.....interesting! The rain just didn't stop coming and the ground turned into a bog. .
However, yesterday the sun finally arrived and the atmosphere shot up by 1000% !! We have one more day of family fun to squeeze in before we have to head home tonight. This means - for my two at least - one more day to get muddy!!
  • AD | It all started with a Mouse! We're huge Disney fans in our house and the kids and I had the best time yesterday looking forward to the new @disneyonice tour which celebrates 100 Years of Magic. The tour will run in the UK from 20th September 2019 all the way through until 5th January 2020 and will be skating into cities all over the UK including London, Manchester and Birmingham.
This is the one place where you can see your favourite Disney characters outside of the parks and we genuinely can't wait! .
#disneyonice #100yearsofmagic
  • These two.....♥️♥️♥️ .
We have just had the best weekend with friends camping up in the Western Lakes. It was wet but it was also fabulous and - with 8 adults and 7 kids - there was also a lot of chaos. Do you know what though, we wouldn't have it any other way. .
However, today it was back to reality with a bump!!

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