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Our Monmouth Tower Big Build – review (AD)

Each year as things warm up, we always add something into the garden for the kids. From a mud kitchen to the sand pit we added last year, we want our garden to be a place for the kids to play, explore, learn and just have fun in. Right now it’s their domain and we’re happy for it to be that way.

Therefore, when the opportunity came up to work with Big Game Hunters again this year, we knew that we wanted something to suit the swing set that we already had. With this in mind, we chose a set from their Monmouth range; a modular set which allows you to build a play design to suit the space you have. We don’t have the biggest garden so although I was very excited by all the options to customise your very own set, we knew we had to make best use of the space we had.

In the end we went with a Monmouth tower which is 1.2m x 0.9m with a 3m wave slide and steering wheel to add a little fun.


First, everything was flat pack which was impressive considering how big the tower is. The instructions were basic but to be fair they didn’t need to be any more complicated than they were. They were also language free, making them universal which worked well as there were plenty of picture illustrations.

The main frame had pre-fabricated holes which was perfect when putting it all together as it makes things a lot simpler. However, be warned the slats for the railing aren’t pre-fabricated so you’ll need to get out your pencil and measuring tape when attaching them on to make sure you get them even.

This is a bit piece of kit so while hubby did most of the work – it was a family affair to get it all prepped. The Bears and I helped dig the holes ready for setting the foundation, and it was real team work to ensure it was all level. The end of day one left us with a complete frame and the beginning of the tower in place.

Day two once everything had dried and set in the foundations, everything else flew up. Hubby finished the roof, added the railings and then added in the finishing touches of the steering wheel and slide. Last on but the most important for fun!

All in all, it wasn’t too bad. It took a day and a half from start to finish but a lot of that was taken up by digging out the foundation in a back garden full of root and stone and then taking a lot of time to make sure it was all level. Once that was done, it all moved forward and came together at a great pace.



My two Bears loved it as much as you think they would. They spent hours – and I mean HOURS – going up and down and up and down the slide. They added cushions at the end for extra fun, they sailed across the ocean using the steering wheel and had the best time peering over the fence from their vantage point.

We purposefully chose the location of where to put our Monmouth Tower so not only does it not take up much floor space in our garden – especially as it’s not particularly big to begin with – but also we wanted to set it in the trees a little to give the illusion of a tree house. This worked a treat and when they go down the slide, they almost come through the branches which is great fun.

I won’t lie, the size initially stunned me and I worried that Henry wouldn’t be able to play on it yet. Although he’s almost 3, he’s a little short for his age and I worried that it would be too high for him. I needn’t have though as it hardly slowed him down at all despite the steps being at his maximum leg length ability! The sturdy railings and how enclosed it is up on the platform while still giving me maximum visibility as to what’s going on up there, means that I feel they are both safe. In fact, it feels sturdier and more protected than many of the public parks we’ve visited over the years!

Needless to say, our kids love the Monmouth Tower, and with a little bit of clever planning we’ve managed to add it to our garden fun without it taking over the garden itself.

With a platform at 1.5m high and a 3m slide, I have no doubt that this will last our children for YEARS. Add that to the 10-year warranty on the wood and I have no doubt that it will last these two long into their teenage year and beyond.

To see it in action, check out our short video.

Finally, here’s a few more little details to leave you with.

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We received the Monmouth Tower and Slide at a discounted rate in exchange for this review. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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