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VIP Pets: the brand new collectable | AD

Cute and fun, VIP Pets are new to the market and consist of six best friends: Juliet, Taylor, Alexia, Lady Gigi, Gwen and Nyla. Not only are these pets “utterly adorable” (according to Darcie), they also come with fabulous hair which is screaming to be styled.

We were recently sent some VIP Pets to take a closer look at, and I have a little girl who was happy to put them to the test.


Like many toys on the market at the moment, VIP Pets have the “surprise” element down to a tee. Not only do you open your bottle to reveal which pet is inside your bottle, but there is also a fun reveal element to discover and unwrap their hair.

Add water to wash their hair to magically reveal their beautiful long and colourful hair. The Bear found this stage of the process really exciting and literally squealed with delight when the colour underneath was discovered.


Once revealed, this is when your VIP Pet can take a seat and get a little bit of pampering and have their beautiful hair styled by you. To be fair I would say this is a really critical part of the process as I can just imagine how tangled that much hair would get, but Nyla didn’t get a chance with us as she was quickly groomed and styled!

Luckily the VIP Pets have plenty of accessories to allow you to style your pets time and time again.


There are 12 VIP Pets to collect, made up of 6 separate characters with 2 different style options each. All are available to buy from Amazon* now.

That’s not all though as the VIP Pets also feature in the new animated series on the Kitoons YouTube channel. Children can follow their adventures which are filled with stories of friendship and the importance of being yourself.


These are really cute characters that have a really unique reveal element to the toy which the Bear LOVED. The YouTube videos really helps to bring the VIP Pets characters to life for her and it a great way to engage children and support the VIP Pet toys.

In summary these are an adorable addition to the collectable market and the Bear already has her eye on tracking down a VIP Pet with rainbow hair so I know what I will be adding to her birthday wish list!

DISCLOSURE: we were sent these items for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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