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Giggle and Hop with Sunny Bunnies | AD

My two have been a little in love with Sunny Bunnies since the beginning of lockdown when the kids were able to watch TV a little longer in the mornings.

Super soft with lovely bright colours, my two think they are absolutely hilarious with all the funny things the group get up to

The Sunny Bunnies Toy Range

With three sizes available, there is something to suit every budget in the range.

The 29cm large Giggle and Hop Sunny Bunnies toy laughs and hop about the floor when you press the button located behind its mouth. The medium toy is 20cm tall and called the Giggle and Wiggle Sunny Bunnies. Finally, the smaller 10cm toys are the Sound Slammer Sunny Bunnies toy which laugh when you launch them at the floor.

We were sent a large Giggle and Hop and small sound slammer Sunny Bunnie to take a closer look at and this is what we thought.

What we thought

My two loved these. As in LOVED them. Especially Darcie. Although she’s 6 now – and therefore I assumed outside of the age range of this toy – she thought it was absolutely hilarious and spent half a day experimenting with all the different surfaces in our house to find the best one to giggle and hop on. If you’re interested, the kitchen floor was the winner.

One thing I will say, is that the way the button is designed it sometimes takes her a little while to find the exact right spot to press to make her Sunny Bunny giggle, but when she finally gets there nothing can stop her laughing at it. She also especially loves holding it tight to her chest while it giggled and hopped, and it was so funny to see how much she jumped around with it.

Being a little more boisterous, the sound slammer was more up Henrys street and he took great delight in smacking it off the floor to make it laugh.

When they first arrived, I was a little worried that at 4 and 6, the Sunny Bunnies may have been a little young for my two despite the love for the show. However, I needn’t have worried as both really love them and have already picked out what other bunnies they want to add to their collection.

However, that being said I can imagine younger children loving these. Especially given how soft they are and the gorgeous range of bright colours they come in. Suitable for 12m+, the bunny ears give little ones an easy place to hold, making them a wonderfully tactile toy.

Fans of the show will love these and they would make a fabulous gift for any little Sunny Bunnies out there.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent these items for the purposes of this review. As always though, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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