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Celebrating Dark Arts Month with Harry Potter | AD

If you follow the blog, then you know that we’re big Harry Potter fans in this house and I’m just as big a fan as the kids are. October is adopted as Dark Arts month by Potter fans and this year we have been invited to dip our toes into the dark wizarding world with a Dark Arts bundle.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to say yes.

Reports of sinister dark magic are on the rise and your help is needed! Work together with players around the world throughout the month of October to protect the wizarding world from the Calamity. Combat Death Eaters, vampires, werewolves–and maybe even an ancient evil slithering in the dark.

Mischief Managed with the Invisibility Cloak

This is brilliant, and I really mean BRILLIANT. The outside of the cloak is a replica for the one that kids see in the movies and has a lovely luxury feel. Inside is where it’s all at though as the bright green lining is what gives the cloak its magic.

The process is simple. Download the Wow! Stuff app onto iOS or Android and add the invisibility cloak as a product. From there the app takes an image of your screen which is then projected onto the cloak using green screen technology Et voila, you disppear!

Use the app to take photos or record movies which you can save on your phone or tablet.

Filming her spooky video for Dark Arts Month

I won’t lie, the Bear wasn’t impressed at first as she couldn’t see what the green screen technology did. However, once she played back the videos and saw it in action, she was thrilled. Next thing I knew I was dragged around the front of our house to a little Halloween display to make a spooky movie with the cloak.

Here’s what she made, with a little help from mummy on the editing. It’s only 90 seconds long but I think she did a brilliant job!

Needless to say, we really loved this and the kids are still playing with it and recording themselves almost daily. I’ve also had a go with the grown-up version of the cloak and have to say it’s so much fun.

The fact that they are able to watch themselves back is wonderful and is what really brings this toy to life for my two.

Watching back her Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak video

Halloween ready

With Halloween right around the corner, our thoughts always turn to trick or treating and the costumes the kids want to wear. While Halloween will look a little different this year, there is no doubt that we will still be dressing up, and how cute are these Harry Potter costumes as an option.

My two little Potter Heads

Each set comes with:

  • Hooded robe with build in Gryffindor school unform underneath
  • Harry Potter glasses
  • Harry Potter wand

This is such a cute option not only for Halloween, but also for book week or just because they want to dress up. And why not eh?!

Dressed up as Harry Potter in Gryffindor robes

Something for mummy

Finally, I was thrilled to find a few little bits for mummy in the box. Most notable this gorgeous lined notebook which is just screaming to be filled with thoughts and ideas. Who doesn’t love stationery ?! Certainly not me and this is a lot of fun, perfect for Potter fans.

The Dark Arts notebook

I also loved adorable Deathly Hallows light which has made a wonderful addtion to my office. I spend a lot of time late at night in there and this give my little space a wonderful Potter glow.

However, I am currently fighting my daughter on this as she believes she NEEDS another nightlight in her room despite already having 3. I’m not liking my odds in the battle of the light, so wish me luck!

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows light

All products – plus many, many more – are available to buy from Amazon now. Just in time for Dark Arts Month and beyond for Christmas!

Which would you add to your Christmas wish list?

October is adopted as Dark Arts month by Potter fans and this year we have been invited to dip our toes into the dark wizarding world with a Dark Arts bundle.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent these items for the purposes of this post. As usual though, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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