Our 5 Favourite Dinosaur Crafts

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If you’re new to reading this blog, then I must start by saying I have a son who loves dinosaurs. As in LOVES them. If there is something that I want to do with him then I can guarantee that if I add in anything dinosaur themed, then he will love it. Playing, baking, puzzles, walking and adventures. Then of course also crafts.

So, these are our 5 favourite dinosaur crafts to keep your little ones entertained. Things that any dinosaur loving child will love.


First up for our dinosaur crafts, we have dinosaur handprints. These are not only fun, but also a lovely keepsake as it records the size of your child’s hands. Super easy to do, all you need to do is cut out a dinosaur shape which will form the body. Stick your body to some white paper using glue or double-sided tape leaving enough space along the top of your dinosaur for handprints. Add paint to little people’s hands and print onto the dinosaur’s backs to make spikes.

Leave to dry and you are left with your very own handprint dinosaur!  Add in an eye with a felt tip pen and add a name (optional).

Dinosaur Crafts - making our dinosaur handprints

Dinosaur Crafts - dinosaur handprints


This dinosaur craft looks far more complicated than it actually is. All you need to do is make up a batch of salt dough and split it into portions to make your fossils. Roll into a ball and push each portion flat. Then, using a small dinosaur toy, push down into the dough to create the fossil outline. You can explore different dinosaurs to create different imprints and once you’re happy with your fossils, you then just need to bake to set your dough. Painting is optional. Simple!

There is a dedicated Dinosaur Fossils post giving a lot more detail for those of you who would like to give this one a go.

Dinosaur Crafts - our finished dinosaur fossils

Dinosaur Crafts - dino fossils


This is another messy one but also one which makes a lovely keepsake. Baker Ross do some amazing money banks and knowing how much Henry loves dinosaurs, they sent him their Dinosaur Ceramic coin banks to try out. They were such an instant hit with both the Bears, that I couldn’t not include them in this list. Especially as they were so simple to do!

We already have porcelain paints at home, so all I needed to do was put a money bank in front of each child and put the paints in easy reach. That’s it!!! They painted while I supervised to try and keep as much paint on the banks as possible, but they had a great time creating prehistoric masterpieces. So much so that Henry decided he should also paint the one I was attempting to do too. Once everyone was happy with their designs, we just baked the banks in the oven for 35 minutes at 150C to set the paint.

However, DO NOT be like me and make sure you remove the stoppers first. Or, you will end up like us with 3 dinosaur coin banks with no stoppers as they melted in the oven!! (Goes off to bid on coin bank stoppers on eBay because she’s a doofus….)

Dinosaur Crafts - painting our dinosaur money banks

Dinosaur Crafts - our dinosaur money banks


This option is great for imaginations. The craft comes from setting up an interactive setting in a tuff tray ready to be explored. Then – once set up – the fun can start as little dinosaurs start to explore!

To set ours up we used stones to separate the tray into different dinosaur worlds. First, we have the forest filled with branches and leaves. Next, we have the beach filled with sand and shells. Finally, we have lunch (?) filled with dry pasta, rice and lentils. This is something that keeps my two entertained for HOURS as they explore each area and generally make a mess!

Dinosaur Crafts - dinosaur tuff tray

Dinosaur Crafts - the final tuff tray


Our final craft is the simplest and is great for even the most craft shy of children (and parents!). So simple that all you need is some paper and these fabulous dinosaur stamps from Baker Ross. With minimal set up and mess, this is the perfect quick hit dinosaur craft that is simple and easy, but plenty of fun.

Plain paper + self-inking stamps = a happy child with minimal fuss.

Dinosaur Crafts - dino stamps

Dinosaur Crafts - dino stamps in action

So, there we have it. Our favourite dinosaur crafts that we have no doubt that any dinosaur loving children will love.

If you’re looking to stock up on craft supplies then Baker Ross have kindly provided Tippytupps readers with 20% off. Just use TIPPY20 at check out and enjoy!!

If you enjoyed these ideas, then why not check out the Simple Makes section of the site for more.

Our 5 favourite dinosaur crafts that we have no doubt that any dinosaur loving children will love. From the simple crafts to the messy play.

DISCLOSURE: Baker Ross provided us with a box of festive supplies which included some dinosaur extras for Henry. Although we were under no obligation to write a post on them, he loved them so much some have been included in this round up.

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  1. I love these – we have a dino-mad child here too and all of these look ideal. I’ve saved them to test out over the next few rainy days!

  2. dinosaur handprints look so fun!!

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