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Indulging in a little Northern Soul with 45Revs

This is a review post. I have been sent these items for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own.

Northern Soul with 45Revs - what we were sent

Now I could talk about this all day but the short version is that Northern Soul is a music and dance movement which emerged from the British Mod scene. The music is heavily influenced by Motown and shares its quick beat and often soulful lyrics.

Living near to Manchester, Northern Soul infludence can still be seen today in not only the music and social scene but also fashion. 45REVS.COM have an amazing range of Northern Soul merchandise and they kindly sent us a box of goodies from their range. This is what we thought of them.


As soon as we opened this goodie box, I went straight for this beauty. I couldn’t resist getting my hands on this amazing Keep the Faith Fur Pom Pom Chunky Beanie. I mean just look at it!!

Northern Soul with 45Revs - the beanie flat lay

Warm and chunky, this is a great hat for the winter. The fact that it’s made from 100% soft-spun acrylic means that it is machine washable. What makes the extra special though, is that the pom pom is actually removable making it a great added bonus for washing.

Northern Soul with 45Revs - the beanie in use

Although it can be warn as a beanie without the pom pom, I must prefer it with.


Next we have the Keep The Faith Embroidered Button Down Collar Short Sleeve Shirt. This is a heavyweight cotton short sleeve checked shirt and you really can feel the weight in the material.

Northern Soul with 45Revs - checked shirt

It was a really nice fit. Not too tight and not too loose and the thickness means that it’s a great shirt for the winter as well as warmer weather. What’s more though is that I love the style of this shirt. It feels so much of the ‘mod’ era and can just imagine the perfect haircut to go with it!!

Northern Soul with 45Revs - checked shirt in use

With tats and a lean frame, this suited Papa Bear pretty well and is a shirt that he can easily dress down for casual, or dress up for a night out.


I’m always going to be a sucker for a comfy grey hoodie as I find they are so versatile and really do go with anything. The Keep the Faith hoodie is 60% cotton and 40% polyester meaning that it’s both light and washes well. What can I say….as a 30 something mum, these things are important to me now. Who knew?!

Northern Soul with 45Revs -hoodie flat lay

I love this hoodie though. So lightweight, it’s a fantastic layer for any season. A lovely loose fit ensures that it’s comfortable and the little details at the hems gives it a great quality finish.

Northern Soul with 45Revs - hoodie in use

I initially thought this was for Papa Bear – and so did he judging by how quickly he went for it. However, I’ve since claimed it from his wardrobe and it now sits firmly in mine!! He says mens, I say womens so we’ve both settled that it can be unisex. I do know that the dipped side hemline makes it a great match for skinny jeans and boots though.

Northern Soul with 45Revs - hoody hemline


The final item in our box were the 45REVS Men’s Stretch Cotton Northern Soul Boxer Shorts. These I’m afraid there’s no action shot of – for obvious reasons – but they are exclusive to 45REVS. Stretch boxer shorts, they are made from 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane.

Northern Soul with 45Revs - boxers

Apparantly they have a body defining fit with a contour pouch for a snug and comfortable fit….. I can’t vouch for that but I do have it on good authority from Papa Bear that they are pretty damn comfy!


Finally, if you’ve never listened to Northern Soul before, I recommend that you give it a go. This is a great playlist from Guardian Music on Spotify for anyone who wants to have a listen to the fantastic music behind the fashion!

Living near Manchester, the Northern Soul infludence can still be seen today in not only the music and social scene but also fashion. 


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