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Techniquest Glyndwr: a different kind of science museum

We’re a family that loves to be outdoors, so when it’s raining in the way it has been recently, we start to get a little glum. I’m always looking for things to do and places to visit on rainy days and one of our go to places is Techniquest Glyndwr in Wrexham.

That’s exactly where we headed to last week when the half term rain left us stuck indoors for far to long for our liking.

hands on science at Techniquest Glyndwr


Techniquest is a science museum with a difference. Rather than being a passive environment where visitors look, they encourage children to touch and get involved.

Having fun at Techniquest

With stations set across 5 different areas, there are clear instructions as to what you need to do at each one. The kids loved running between them all and demanding “what do I have to do here”. We’re big fans of hands on ways to bring STEM topics to life, and there is no doubt that Techniquest Glyndwr helps us to do exactly that.


A real highlight for us when we go though is the live science show. Performed with humour which keeps both children and adults chuckling. On this occasion we joined the show in the Techniquest “canteen” and looked on as a number of science experiments were performed which kept my two utterly captivated.

The science show at Techniquest Glyndwr

The show lasts around 45 minutes and to be fair I think I enjoy it as much as the kids do! It was engaging and the right level of risk and drama to keep the kids engaged. Think fire, exploding foam and liquid nitrogen!


The kids have a great time whenever we head out to Techniquest Glyndwr and so do I. Despite only being 3 and 5, there is always plenty of things for them to enjoy and get involved in.

I won’t lie, some stations are completely beyond their age and abilities (and some were even past my abilities!!). It never matters though as there is always something for everyone and it is lovely to sit down and try to solve the problems together.

If you are looking to get up close and personal to science and are looking for somewhere to reach out and touch it, there are two Techniquest centres in Wales. The first is in Cardiff and then the second is where we visited in Wrexham. Be aware though, the Techniquest Glyndwr site is only open until April, when it will then be rebranding to Xplore! and relocating to Wrexham town centre.

We can’t wait to go seem them once they move!


Family days out great for children: Techniquest Glyndwr is a science museum with a difference where they encourage encourage children to touch and get involved bringing STEM subjects to life.

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