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Unraveling Ravel Tales | AD

In the words of Darcie…..”what’s that?!”

To say that Ravel Tales look intriguing is an understatement. Pink box covered in cute animals with wool inside?! As the daughter of a knitter, the Bear was desperate to get the box open and see what was inside.

The back story is that these cute little characters live in a little sewing shop called The Last Strand. Although lovely and cosy in their yarn balls, they are curious about the outside world and plot together to be unravelled.

Untangling the ball

The unravelling is easy. Literally unwind the yarn to reveal the next layer. What I loved about this technique is not only is it easy for kids of any age to do on their own, but there were no layers upon layers of fiddly plastic to undo. Instead, the unravel is a part of the toys and will form your craft materials.

Inside there are 9 surprises waiting for you underneath all that yarn:

  • 2 button charms to make your bracelet
  • a pom pom hook and maker
  • your ravel tales pets name tag
  • a sewing needle
  • the collectors leaflet
  • the pad pieces for the cushion
  • and then of course your pet

We got Puppadoo and the Bear could not have been more pleased!

What’s great about Ravel Tales though, is that it’s not just about the unboxing and collectable. There are crafts to be completed too and we were both excited to get stuck in and start creating.

The Crafts


Straight away, the Bear wanted to make Puppadoo her cushion, she loved that the fabric matched her pet and apparently Puppadoo was so tired she had to go to bed.

All the yarn was labelled clearly to show what it needed to be used for and the fabric pre-cut with holes. So, all we needed to do was get sewing and then stuff our cushion.

The only thing I thought was a real shame is that the gorgeous colourful yard ended up as stuffing to the pillow. Darcie didn’t mind one bit but as a knitter, I couldn’t help but feel it was too beautiful to be hidden away. However, I have to concede that it is so soft and bouncy, it does make for a lovely pet cushion.

The collar and necklace

Next up Puppadoo needed her collar and Darcie loved that the kit also came with a matching bracelet for her.

A simple plaited designed meant that it was easy for the Bear to help with and the cute little buttons were a really sweet touch.

Pom Pom

Finally, we had our pom pom to make. I was really chuffed with this as the pom pom maker can be used time and time again. (Something I will definitely be using in my knitting!)

This was really simple to make, just wrap the yarn around the maker and then after securing in the middle, add the hook.

The Verdict

We really enjoyed Ravel Tales. It’s such a cute collectable but with a fun craft element to it, which was right up our street. Aimed at ages 5+, there are 12 characters to unravel as part of series 1.

Available to buy now from Argos, Smyths and Amazon, these would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for anyone looking for stocking fillers.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent Puppadoo for the purposes of this review. As always though, my opinions are my own.

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