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Children’s hat review – keeping head warm with brighteyes

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With bonfire night just around the corner, winter has definitely arrived here in North Wales. We’ve even had to dig out the gloves and make a dash to the shops when I realised their coats were two sizes too small (bad mama moment!). Thankfully though, one thing we didn’t need to worry about was a children’s hat, as brighteyes very kindly sent us a wonderful set that will keep our heads warm through the winter.

out and about in their brighteyes children's hat

And guess what, it thinks it’s a torch….


There are four hats in the range: Rusty the Raccoon, Cassie the Cat, Una the Unicorn and Amanda the Panda. All are fun and immediately appealing to kids. So, whether your kids like bright colours or something a little more understated, there should be a children’s hat to suit them. Henry made and immediate dash for Rusty the Raccoon while Darcie went straight for Cassie the Cat.

the brighteyes range

Not only are these hats warm and snuggly with a lovely fleece lining, but they also let children see and – more importantly – be seen in the dark.

With a light range of more than 10 meters, brighteyes hats live up to their name. Each hat is lined with fleece and tucked inside it a little battery pack. Flick the switch to on, and a little button at the front of the hat allows you to switch on your hat’s bright eyes. Then, much to the delight of my two, an extra push of the button switches the lights from full beam to flashing. Visible from 200 meters, there is no doubt that brigheyes hats help with visibility which is something that is no doubt beneficial in a children’s hat!

the little pocket inside the hat
Rusty the Raccoon all lit up!


There is no doubt that the kids love these hats. Especially Darcie who has refused to wear any other hat apart from the pink cat since it arrived.

Two happy faces in their brighteyes children's hat

What I loved about brighteyes though, is not only are these hats warm but they also help to ensure that our children can been seen. As winter rolls in, the days become shorter and evenings are now dark. So, anything that can make our children more visible and keep them safer can only be a good thing.

Bright, beautiful and fun to keep kids happy while being warm, functional and safe which certainly makes me happy as a parent!

enjoying their children's hat in the dark

Brighteyes hats are available online from their website.

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DISCLOSURE: I was sent our brighteyes hats for the purposes of this review. However – as always – all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Brighteyes children's hat: Bright, beautiful and fun to keep kids happy while being warm, functional and safe which certainly makes me happy as a parent!

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