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Staying Dry with Grass & Air

Anyone else sick of all this rain? I certainly am. Do you know who isn’t though? My little ones. There is nothing that they love more than splashing in muddy puddles…something I blame a certain pair of pigs for. So, when the opportunity came up to work with Grass & Air and test some of their rainwear out. Well, we jumped at the chance.

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For him we chose the Navy Stomper Suit from their little boy range as Henry has a tendency to get VERY muddy where ever he goes. I don’t know what it is about him, but he seems to attract dirt. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had to empty water out of his wellies in a manner usually only seen in the movies.

She’s much more reserved so for her we picked the Raincloud Light Catcher jacket, which is a rain mac which is not only waterproof but also has a fabulous raincloud pattern in the sleeves which lights up when the light catches it in the dark. Then for both kids, a pair of colour-revealing wellies. After all, how are we supposed to go splashing in muddy puddles without them?

Luckily for us, our Grass & Air delivery arrived very quickly on ordering and came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper contained within a sturdy box. What I most loved about this is that there was not a single piece of plastic in sight. A win from me when we are all trying to think a little more sustainably.

The delivery was perfect timing though as we had a serious day of play planned at our local National Trust property, one that is well known for its natural play area and mud.


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Henry’s Stomper Suit initially seemed like it was far too big for him. Something I wasn’t particularly surprised by as these kinds of suits are designed to be on the big side to be able to fit plenty of layers underneath. As the day went on though, I could see that although it looked on the large size, it was in fact perfect for him. It wasn’t so big that it got in his way, nor was it restrictive in any way that it hindered his movements. There’s nothing this kid hates more than feeling he is being held back!

The all in one nature of rain suits would sometimes make the practicalities of having a small child difficult when it comes to changing nappies. However, with the Grass & Air Stomper Suit the placement and length of the zip all the way down the front made this a breeze, and I absolutely love the splash of coral that the zip brings to the suit.

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For her jacket, the fit was perfect. She is a little on the small size, so we sized down and got a size 2-3 years and it fit perfectly. In the same classic colour palette as the Stomper Suit, the Raincloud Light Catcher jacket is a great mix of fun and functionality. With fully bonded zips and reflective technology to keep them dry and visible, I love the gathered waistline with gives it a pretty little touch.

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As for the fun, well what else would you call a fabulous raincloud pattern that shows up when lights shine on it? The Bear was sold and loved the idea. So much so that when it got dark – at bedtime of course – she was desperate to go outside to play in her magic coat. I’m sad to report that her strategy did not work, and bedtime went ahead as planned….

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One thing both kids loved though were their wellies. I don’t know what it about them, but they just love wearing them, to the point where the muddy puddles are an optional extra. However, we do struggle a little as Darcie gets cold therefore wellies are not always the best footwear choice for her. Also, Henry is a little like his mama and is chubby in the leg therefore again, they can be restrictive and uncomfortable around the calf for him.

This is where I was so pleased with the Grass & Air colour changing wellies, as they are made from 100% rubber that is super soft and super flexible making them comfortable to wear. Not only that though, as they are also fleece lined making them the warmest and softest wellies we have come across. Add in the fact that the raindrops change colour when they get wet, and you have two happy kids on your hands. What I loved most though was that each pair of boots came with its very own drawstring bag. Perfect for the end of the day to cleanly deposit the boots into once they are wet and muddy and save having to clear out the mud from the boot once we got home.

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As you can probably tell, I love this range. Not only is it practical with 100% waterproof materials and fully bonded zips which work to make sure little ones stay dry in even the wettest of weather, but it is also full of style. The subtle and consistent colours make for a beautiful product that delivers too. Henry’s suit stood up well to a toddler determined to cover himself from head to toe in mud, and Darcie’s coat fit her beautifully and kept her dry all day.

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The wellies were perfect and something I know we will continue to buy at the children’s feet grow. Great patterns, great colours and both comfortable and warm. There is no doubt that these are an addition to their wardrobes that are here to stay.

In short….thank you Grass & Air for making our wet adventures and little more fun and a lot dryer. My only question is when will you start doing those wellies in grown up sizes?!

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided with these items in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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  1. these are fantastic! I need to get some!!

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      I’d really recommend them

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  3. Those color changing boots are so clever!! I love that idea!

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  5. That little suit for him is so adorable and SO practical!
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