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Summer is drawing to a close and we only have a few days left of the holidays before I lose the kids back to school for another 10 months. One thing we need to work on is getting time back into bed at a reasonable time. Anyone else let things get rather lax over the holidays? We don’t go mad but our strict 7:30 bedtime has been looking more like 8:30, 9ish most nights.

It’s time to get back into a good routine ready for school starting again on Wednesday. To help us out, Dreamtex have sent us some new bedding for both kids to try out. Here’s what they both picked.

What they picked from Dreamtex


Darcie is mermaid OBSESSED at the moment, so her bedding choice was an easy decision to make. This Emoji set is bright, beautiful and perfect for mermaid loving kids like mine. What’s more though, it’s also reversable!!

The Emoji Dreamtex bedding set

Mermaids in a sea of blue on one side and unicorns in a field of pink on the other. That’s two little girl obsessions on one bedding set which is pretty impressive.

Reversable - unicorns on one side, mermaids on the other

Needless to say, the Bear couldn’t have been more pleased with it. 48% cotton and 52% polyester, this duvet set is breathable, and it washes well. Comfortable, colourful and covered in mermaids means that both Darcie and I were thrilled with her choice.

Dreamtex in use

You can find the this Emoji set online at Matalan as well as on the Dreamtex website.


If Darcie is obsessed with mermaids then how Henry feels about dinosaurs is on a whole other level. They’ve been a steady highlight of his world for quite a while now. At first when he chose the National Geographic Raptor set from Dreamtex, I wasn’t too sure. It looked a little too old for him and I didn’t think he would like it.

The National Geographic Raptor bedding set

I couldn’t have been more wrong though. For a 3-year-old boy who tells me on a regular basis that he wants to dig up dinosaur bones when he grows up, he loves his new bed.

a little boy happy with his choice

This set also washes like a dream and is comfortable to sleep under.

Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, what makes it really special though is the fact that the polyester comes from recycled plastic bottles. Each set contains up to 12 recycled bottles which otherwise would have ended up in landfill or the ocean. I love that this duvet set stays true to the National Geographic cause and provides consumers with a chance to make a difference.

Dreamtex dinosaur set

You can find the National Geographic Raptor set at ASDA as well as on the Dreamtex website.


I am pleased to confirm that the team from Dreamtex will be giving away BOTH these sets of bedding to one lucky Tippytupps reader. That’s right, you get both the Emoji set AND the National Geographic Raptor set in one giveaway (single bed size). Just enter via Rafflecopter using the link below and follow the usual social media accounts.

This giveaway is open to UK residents only, is powered by Rafflecopter and will close on Sunday 29th September 2019 at midnight. The winner will then be chosen at random using the tool. Please note this competition is hosted by the Tippytupps blog but the prize is being provided by Dreamtex who will be responsible for posting your prize out to you. For full terms and conditions for the giveaway, please visit the Tippytupps terms and conditions page.

Good luck!

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DISCLOSURE: I was sent these bedding sets for inclusion within this review. However – as always – all thoughts and opinions remain my own.Dreamtex bedding sets are colourful, comfortable and breathable. What's more they wash well which means that the both the kids and I were thrilled.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Lovely designs!

  2. Rebecca Cusick says:

    Fingers crossed! We all love new bedding x

  3. Peter Watson says:

    This would be great for my grandson.

  4. Angela Treadway says:

    would love to win for my sons x

  5. Solange says:

    Lovely designs.

  6. Michelle Smith says:

    Such great looking duvet sets

  7. Kim Elliott says:

    My daughters would love this win

  8. Sally Collingwood says:

    These duvet sets are so lovely

  9. Iain maciver says:

    fabtastic cant go wrong with some new bedding

  10. Justine Meyer says:

    This would be fantastic

  11. Margaret Clarkson says:

    These are so lovely, they would brighten up any bedroom.

  12. Emma G says:

    Great designs

  13. fiona waterworth says:

    theres a great variety of choice and they look so fresh

  14. Jenny McClinton says:

    My daughter would love both of these, she’s bored of her bedding so it would be nice for her to have a new set.

  15. Sean Eccles says:

    This would be great for my daughter

  16. Keri Brooks says:

    My daughters would like these . Lovely

  17. Carolyn Heyworth says:

    Love to win the dinosaur one for my grandson as he loves them

  18. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Beautiful style – so hope I’m lucky and celebrating with you

  19. Ruth Harwood says:

    loving these designs, they’d look great in my son’s room! Would love to give them for his upcoming birthday xx


  21. Rachel Walsh says:

    Awww these are so lovely, would be perfect one each for my son and daughter

  22. Lynn Pendlebury says:

    Dinosaur set would be so appreciated

  23. Susan B says:

    What fun! Bright bed linen makes such difference.

  24. Sarah Lambert says:

    Loving the bright colours on those duvets sets and I know my little girl would love the mermaids

  25. Susan Smith says:

    These are fabulous designs, love them

  26. Love the dino set for my son, he’s a big fan of National Geographic.

  27. Jodie Green says:

    These sets are great! My son would love the dino!

  28. john prendergast says:

    nice duvet covers

  29. Rachel Craig says:

    Great designs, especially Dinosaur.

  30. Stephanie says:

    Lovely designs for the kiddy winkles.
    Designed with love

  31. Rich Tyler says:

    Count Me IN!

  32. CLAIRE WOODS says:

    Great designs.

  33. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    These are awesome designs my niece loves them!

  34. Abigail says:

    They’re lovely, the dinosaur set is super cute!

  35. Gary Topley says:

    Great prize, thankyou for the competition. x

  36. stephen Holman says:

    great designs for the kids!

  37. Jemma Dwyer says:

    how lovely is this fingers crossed 😀

  38. Michaela Turner says:

    These would certainly come in handy, i’d love to freshen up my little ones bedroom

  39. Laura Pritchard says:

    Perfect for my daughter’s new ‘big girl bed’

  40. this bedding looks awesome 🙂

  41. Emma England says:

    Really lovely designs! I especially love the Dino one.

  42. Jo Glasspool says:

    Such fun designs.

  43. Sarah Roberts says:

    How cute they are! love to win for our grandaughter she loves Mermaids!

  44. paula cheadle says:

    My niece’s would love these

  45. Lynn Neal says:

    Lovely designs for children’s rooms!

  46. Samantha Milner says:

    This would be great for my nephew and niece

  47. Karen Barrett says:

    Perfect for my grandchildren, thank you

  48. Nikki Easton says:

    The mermaid design is lovely

  49. We’re currently changing my daughters toddler bedroom to a big girl bedroom so the mermaid bedding would be lovely for her new bed.

  50. Janine Phillips says:

    These are really lovely x

  51. Adrian Bold says:

    Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  52. Rebecca Roberts says:

    My favourite thing has to be new bedding o my goodness I love it and this bedding looks amazing

  53. Anthea Holloway says:

    What a lovely prize – I would love to win this for my granddaughter.

  54. Susan Willshee says:

    I love the dinosaur set too and I know a certain young man who will absolutely agree with me!

  55. Amanda Davis says:

    My son Ben would love the dino one and my daughter Charlie would love the sea one

  56. Kat Allinson says:

    These look lovely, my son would really love the dinosaur set, he’s obsessed

  57. Sheri Darby says:

    What brilliant bedding, my son would love this

  58. Kerry Lock says:

    The Mermaid set is adorable

  59. Laura Corrall says:

    That bedding looks wonderful. I love it. My daughters are in need of some new bedding as they have outgrown the more babish nursery animal designs they currently have so this is perfect timing and a reminder to get new bedding for them.

  60. claire jamie gray says:

    love these!!!!!

  61. Caroline Blaza says:

    These are lovely x

  62. Lisa Hall says:

    So lovely

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    They bedding looks really lovely & my Granddaughter would love the Mermaid/Unicorn one!

  64. Maria Knight says:

    Such sweet bedding sets! I love the save our oceans set!

  65. Oh these are lovely, so bright and colourful too perfect for a kids bedroom! My daughter would absolutely love that mermaid/unicorn one too! Keeping my fingers crossed xx

  66. melanie stirling says:

    These would be lovely for my nephew and niece.

  67. Kelly Cooper says:

    Love these bedding sets. Fantastic giveaway. Fingers crossed.

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    My son would love these – they look lots of fun 🙂

  69. Elaine Shaw says:

    Love these two bedsets, just perfect for making the spare room much more fun for the Grandchildren.

  70. Elaine Skye says:

    Bright and cheerful, the finishing touch or my grandsons bedroom. Thanks for the chance

  71. So lovely thanks for the chance

  72. Denise Walton says:

    I would love to win for my granddaughter and grandson

  73. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Fantastic giveaway would love to win for my daughter Sheriah

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    My granddaughter would love the mermaid emoji bedding set.

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    My son would adore this for his first big boy room

  76. Carly Belsey says:

    What a fab giveaway – just perfect for both my son and my daughter – thank you

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    so lovely. My little girl would be overjoyed to win!

  78. claire Rees says:

    Perfect for my Daughter

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    I’d love to win for my little ones

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    Perfect for my niece x

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    Great giveaway! These would be perfect for my son and daughter x

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    This would be great for my daughter!

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    We can never have enough bedding in our house, would be great to win.

  85. Fabulous giveaway just right for my granddaughters beds

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