Creating the Perfect Picnic with Num Noms (AD)

Did you know that ​National Picnic Week has officially started? Taking place from 21 – 30 June, the idea is to simply get outside for a good old-fashioned picnic. Now that the weather is finally starting to dry up, we look forward to doing exactly that.

My kids love a picnic, as in love them. Carpet picnic, outdoor picnic, a picnic in a field, on a beach or even in the back seat of a car. They love the little nibbles and informality of a picnic, and I have to say so do I. So, when Num Noms challenged us to have a National Picnic Week picnic, we were on board and headed outside at the first hint of dry weather!


The fundamentals are of course a picnic blanket, something to eat along with something to eat off as well as something to drink along with something to drink out of. Once you have those simple things, you really are good to go.

We were delighted with the Num Noms picnic set we were sent. Henry so much so, that he refused to eat food off any other plate for the rest of the day.

We keep our picnics simple really, but favourites include cocktail sausages, breadsticks and hummus, grapes and apple slices along with crackers and crisps. Breakfast and dinners are big meals in our house, so lunch tends to be more of a smaller, snack based affair. Perfectly suited to a picnic which is probably why our Bears love them so much!


No Num Noms picnic would be complete without a few extra little treats. We were sent a few little bits from their snackables range and the kids could not have been more pleased.

Num Noms Mystery Make Up Pack

This was right up Darcie’s street. She’s really gotten in to make up recently and this really appeals to her girly nature. Containing a large Num Nom figure with hidden make up surprise, a scented lip gloss both in a reusable container. With nail polish, lotion, shimmer or body spray hidden inside, the Bear was thrilled that hers was the shimmer.

Num Noms Sparkle Smoothies

This was by far Henry’s favourite snackable. Containing a scented liquid lip gloss, he had such a great time applying it with the wand applicator. To be fair it helped that he got the blue lip gloss. Finished off with a Num topping, these are such a cute addition to the range.

Num Noms Party Hair Mystery Pack

Our pencils are currently topped with these cute little guys. Each pack contains a Num Noms character which comes with one or two little tufts of hair. These tufts are interchangeable between all the different characters you can collect. As is the case with all the Num Noms range, these look cute and smell great!

The last thing we need is this weather to say please!! It’s about time that summer turned up and stayed for more than a few days.

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We we provided with these items in return for our honest review. As always, all thoughts are our own.


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